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Santa Lucia
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Santa Lucia на андроид

Описание Santa Lucia

В «Santa Lucia» вы играете роль молодого кота по имени Бен в его первом семестре в университете Санта-Лючия. В детстве Бен был склонен наносить вред головным болям и отключениям. Однажды ночью, когда он учился в первом классе средней школы, эти боли привели к ужасному кошмару, который стал началом повторяющихся ночных ужасов, которые с тех пор мучают его жизнь.

Тем не менее, Бену удается сохранять оптимистичный взгляд на жизнь, с нетерпением ожидая изменения темпа, который может предложить университет. В первом семестре Бена вы встретите множество ярких персонажей, с некоторыми из которых вы сможете установить романтические отношения. Однако в некоторые ночи у Бена все еще бывают головные боли, которые вызывают у него столько горя в детстве. Сможете ли вы прожить свой первый семестр университета в полной мере, или боли в конечном итоге сокрушат вас?
[spoiler=Старые версии][quote]Версия: Build 3
[quote]Версия: Build 48 Patreon
Build 48 Notes:

Build 43 Notes:

Build 42 Notes:
+ Common: October 24th
+ Bryan Route: October 25th
+ Common: October 27th
+ Revamped sprite for Zach
+ New CG set added

Build 41 Notes:
+ Common Route: Oct 21st
+ Bryan Route: Oct 22nd
+ Revamped sprite for Russell
+ Updated splash screen disclaimer

Build 40 Notes:
+ Bryan Route: Oct 19th
+ Common Route: Oct 20th
+ Moved first time start-up options to when a new game is started
+ Sprite revamp for Bryan
+ Sprite revamp for Kane

Build 39 Notes:
+ Common Route: Oct 14th
+ Bryan Route: Oct 18th
+ 1 new song added

Build 38 Notes:
+ Neutral Route introduced!
+ Content complete through Act 2
+ 1 new CG variation added
+ New option in the Preferences menu to turn off romance content
+ (this is mainly meant for our straight, asexual, and story-focused players)
+ (playthroughs with this setting on will default to the Neutral Route after the route split)

Build 37 Notes:
+ Bryan route: Oct. 11th
+ Common route: Oct 13th

Build 36 Notes:
+ Common route: Oct 7th
+ Bryan route: Oct 9th
+ 1 new CG added
+ Dr. Hernandez sprite update

Build 35 Notes:
+ Bryan route: Oct 4th
+ Common route: Oct 6th
+ Revamped sprite for Sam!
+ New sprite set for Kane!
+ New sprite element for Zach!
+ 3 new songs added!

Build 34 notes:
+ The rest of October 3rd's writing (Bryan's route officially begins again next month!)
+ 1 new song added
+ 1 new CG added
+ 1 new sprite element for Chris

Build 33 Notes:
+ Common route expanded!
+ October 3rd continues, finally giving answers to long standing questions
+ 2 new songs added
+ 1 new CG added

Build 32 Notes:
+ Nate route expanded!
+ October 1st
+ NOTE: With this update, the three husbandos are caught up to each other for their Act 2 content.
+ Main story expanded!
+ First half of October 3rd
+ Sprite revamp for Carlos!
+ New lined sprite sketch for a certain spoiler side character.
+ 1 new song added!

Build 31 Notes:
+ Nate route expanded!
+ September 25th
+ September 27th
+ September 28th
+ September 29th
+ September 30th
+ New CG set added!
+ Build History added to the Credits menu
+ Button added to main menu that takes you directly to the most recent build notes

Build 30 Notes:
+ Nate Route Expanded!
+ September 19th
+ September 21st
+ September 22nd
+ September 23rd
+ 2 new songs added
+ New sprite for Bryan route side character Blake

Build 29 Notes:
+ Carlos route update!
+ September 27th
+ September 29th
+ September 30th
+ October 1st
+ Adjusted the presentation of the dream on September 3rd to make it clearer that Ben is not the Point of View character.
+ A certain CG'd scene on September 6th has been removed for pacing and quality reasons.
+ A line was added to the Russell confrontation on September 8th in order to give more insight into his state of mind.
+ A new sprite sketch added for the Carlos route side character.

Build 28 Notes:
+ Carlos route expanded!
+ September 21st
+ September 22nd
+ September 23rd
+ September 25th
+ 1 new song added!
+ New sprite for Nate's friend Niall!

Build 27 Notes:
+ Bryan Route Expanded!
+ September 30th
+ October 1st
+ Next phase of Chapter Select revamp!
+ Act 2 chapters have been implemented for all three husbandos!

Build 26 Notes:
Bryan route expanded!
+ September 28th
+ September 29th
+ New outfit for Chris
+ New outfit for Karina
+ New outfit for Shay
+ 1 new song added
+ Beginning stages of Chapter Select rework

Bulid 25 notes:
+ Bryan route update:
+ September 23rd
+ September 25th
+ Two new sprite sketches:
+ Kane
+ Thomas

Build 24 notes:
+ Bryan route expanded:
+ September 19
+ September 20
+ September 22
+ 1 new CG set added
+ 1 new song added

Build 23 Notes:
+ Bryan’s Route expanded (September 16 and 17)
+ The first set of shared days added to Carlos and Nate’s routes (September 15 and 16)
+ IMPORTANT: This is the only update these two routes will have for quite some time. Please be patient with them.
+ Some small tweaks to Nate’s September 1st content, mainly to remove real world references (but also to address how “cringe” he comes across as a first impression)

Build 22 notes:
+ Bryan update (September 14 and 15)
+ 2 new songs added
+ 1 new CG set

Build 21 Notes:
+ First portion of Nate's route (Sept 9, 10, & 13)
+ Sprite revamp for Nate and Chris
+ 1 new song added

Build 20 Notes:
+ 2 new days of Carlos route content (Sept. 10 & Sept. 12)
+ 1 new song added
+ Updated sprite set for Carlos

Build 19 notes:
+ First portion of Bryan's route added
+ 1 new song added
+ 1 new CG set added

Build 18 Notes:
+ First portion of Carlos's route added
+ Saves now record your in-game day for reference (as well as which route you're on)
+ Blurred backgrounds are now default when you launch the game for the first time (you can switch to the classic Painted backgrounds in the Preferences menu)

Build 17 Notes:
+ The rest of day 8 (which concludes the first act of Santa Lucia)
+ Finished adding choices to earlier branches with only one option
+ 3 new songs added
+ 4 new CGs
+ A fix to an old CG
+ Bug with the opening vid skip button fixed
+ Assorted typos fixed

Build 16 Notes:
+ First half of day 8
+ Added choices to some of the earlier branches that had only one option (this is a WIP, more will come soon)
+ Sprite revamps for Bryan and Russell
+ Modified sprite element for Carlos
+ Adjusted volume of certain sound effects
+ 2 new songs added

Build 8
+ The first half of day 3
+ A new CG featuring Bryan added to his branch in day 2
+ 3 new songs
+ Sketch placeholders for Dr. Dubois and Ben's Freshman Seminar professor
+ A new sprite for a surprise character
+ Typo fixes from 8.0
+ Chapter Select system added
+ Password system added
+ Gallery removed from public builds (more information on this change will come later)
+ Survey added at end of build
Build 7
+ More writing (half an hour minimum if you explore all choices)
+ Content for each of the husbandos
+ New outfits for Carlos, Bryan, and Nate
+ Sprite fixes for Carlos, Bryan, and Diego
+ A whopping 7 additional songs for the soundtrack

Build 6
+ Another chunk of writing (30 minutes seems to be the average time these take)
+ Sprite updates for Karina, Nate, and Chris
+ 2 new songs (courtesy of Hop-Skip & The Chewtoys)
+ Various under the hood changes to improve the experience going forward (starting a new game actually fades to black now, for example)

BIG NOTE: This build is primarily a story update! The husbandos will make their grand reappearance in next month's build!

Build 5
Here's what you can expect in this month's build:
+ Nate's branch at the dance party (Sept. 1st)
+ Have a nice lunch with Karina at the local cafe (Sept. 2nd)
+ A new sprite for a side character in Bryan's route: Diego
+ A new outfit for Karina
+ A new outfit for a surprise character
+ More than a half-dozen additional songs added to the soundtrack
+ By popular request: More dialogue branches and choices!

### IMPORTANT NOTE: Dzahn had to change the way certain variables registered for this build and all future builds. If you have an old save from before the dance party branch on Sept. 1st, we would recommend loading from there so you won't have any errors in the future! We apologize deeply for the inconvenience! ###

Build 4
Expect at least another half hour minimum of game time for both Bryan and Carlos's routes (Nate's is still in progress). Half a dozen new songs have been added to the game, too, to spice up the dance party sequence. We're also testing out a new system for selecting which character you want to spend time with, so any feedback on that aspect would be greatly appreciated! Lastly, Dev completed the unfinished CG from last build, so if you're interested consider rolling back to a previous save and doing the placement test sequence again!

Build 3
First release





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